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“Shocking Reality?”

Shocking Reality of Alien Presents

What is quite Shocking is the Vatican hiding evidence of the existence of UFOs. If so, have they known all along. What our is history covering up? What would be the reasons behind keeping this enormas secret suppressed for so many years?

The Vatican secret archives? Thats a place I would like to be turned loose in for a while. Have they been withholding Shocking evidence for 2000 years? Do they know more about the Creator or the Creators? I’m sure they do.

Is this a chapter that has been deliberately left out of the Bible? WOW  Or has it been there all the time? Just what have they been preaching for centuries? We may find out soon, and it may be Shocking? What will be revealed? They most likely know where the Arch is today and what its purpose was used for.

Are they a part to the Illuminate?

It is becoming more apparent as time goes by, that the powers at be, have been Filling our minds with bull shit for centuries. What is the truth in our history and will they really tell us. They may be deliberately letting us find out on our own.

What will they reveil or will they?

Aliens And The Vatican 2013


Thank You ADGUKNEWS Published on Feb 21, 2013

Episode of Unsealed, regarding the UFO cover-up and the Vatican

What are they hiding? Is there Aliens Under The Vatican? Just how corrupt is the world that we live in.  How Shocking! Maybe thats why “They” are coming back.

Are they coming to stop the lies that have corrupted humanity for 10,000 years. Hell Fire And Brimstone is it coming? wooooo…….It may not be a joke.

Will the Annunaki Return or did they ever leave? The Vatican Knows I’ll bet.

What ever it will be, it will be shocking I’m sure.



Annunaki – Don’t Watch this Film


Aliens? Annunaki?   32 min

Thank You immortalmanuk Uploaded on Aug 1, 2011