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Vs the Criminal Insanity Applicators…

Mar 12, 2017

The Military Industry Complex (Globalists & CIA) could not be stopped 50 years ago so… can Trump do it today? “They killed Kennedy”  Looks to be they are the Globalists guard dogs. The genie is out of the bottle and we become more aware of it day by day.

Trump is now stirring the nest while beating a big drum and has big plans…. but…

Could he be trying to put the genie back in the bottle?  So…
What we are not hearing from Trump is anything… about Geoengineering, GMOs or the growing problem with Nuclear Radiation, let alone Fukushima or Hanford. This is the foundation of all the Globalists corruption throughout the world today.
He is showing his support for more Oil & Nuclear and avoiding the obvious eventual
outcome that is looming over us. This is alarming with the state of our collapsing
environment today knowing oil and nuclear has caused much of the problem. All for their profit.
Scientist are saying the Ozone could be gone in as little as 8 years. Are they deliberately changing our world for a purpose unrelated to life on earth?
Is this what we might say keeps the wheels greased, for whatever their purpose? With influence on poor health & financial collapse it will for sure keep the Wheels of War greased and has from the beginning of time. In the long run Money and Population Control is what it’s all about. They have had the money and the control from bleeding the world dry.
The Bush’s the Clinton’s and the Obamas of the world, have woke a lot of people in 32 years to their shadow government’s covert agenda.
Is the POTUS once again just lipstick on the same old pig? Trump may be able to help us but we in turn may need to keep his feet to the fire… to retain freedom & liberty as we have known it.
Now ask yourself… Is he one of them? Better yet ask… how can he not be one of them and still stay alive as POTUS if he is not? Just sayin… there are a few important parts missing and far too much light on the fake media and protesting as a deterrent to reality. The fact is they are being exposed. The frightening thing is how will they make us pay?… With civil war martial law, sickness and death for millions as history repeats.
It could be all part of his plan to dismantle the kabal and stop the repeat… he does have everyone’s attention around the world.
Here is a good documentary on their past activities as we all should be well aware of.
Trump has his work cut out draining this swamp.