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‘Medical Pedophiles Protection Act’ ?? WTF

Oh how the Evil Sickness is spreading, and only We The People Hold The Vaccine.
We have the power to Expose them and their Lewd Practices and Boycott their
Services and Products. ‘Vote Them Out!’
It is becoming clear who they are and what their mindless corruption has caused.
Pass this on if you are sickened by the horrendous sadistic behaviour that is
being forced upon unaware uninformed masses as acceptable. 
While constant intimidation, persecution and incarcerating if not murder of the
honest innocent citizens reporting and exposing their Lewd behavior. 
The News Networks nurture this ‘Criminal Cabal’ daily. They stimulate the behavior
of their mass media with the best Globalists Elite Spin possible for political and 
social damage that yields maximum profit or whatever benefits them the most. 
California is the classic example of what a rabbit hole they are taking us through.
Beware the path leads to a community near you… if they haven’t already arrived.
(Their real question is: Do You Feel Safe at Home?) They want to know everything!
My dentist asked me last week… Do you feel safe at home? WTF… I was stunned..
I ask why? Why would you ask me that.. lol? Does that affect dental hygiene in some way? 
They said no and that I did not have to answer the question. 
(I could not resist only because I was curious of the dumb overreaching questions.) 
I then asked…
If for some reason I do not feel safe at home should I call the Dentist first? 
I was just wondering if maybe OHC & Health and Human Services had a SWAT Team 
and I was possibly unaware of who was protecting us now the way things are changing. 
I then said…
I always thought we were to use 911 when we feel threatened or have an emergency?
Just sayin… Yes I feel safe… I have no reason not to…
but I’m not sure about the people asking these kind of trigger questions.
What is the point? NWO? UN? Agenda 21? Or just more needless data mining?
I always thought you called the Law when you felt threatened or didn’t feel safe at home. 
Ask a dumb question get a dumb reaction and a lot of wasted time in the end.
Fact is Happiness… Is… A Warm Gun and thats what its all about.. Your Rights. 
Our Fight for Freedom makes us Happy and Safe we are the Vaccine for their sickness.
They can’t survive without our support for their purpose, their products and their services.
This is a World Wide War with the Elite Cabal and we are beginning to shake the ground 
they walk on. They don’t like being exposed for the decades of pathetic scandals that 
have almost cost us everything. 
The World is paying hard for the decades of Deception and Greed. The World Bank’s hold
all the money and because they have been stealing it from us for ever and it has finally ran
it’s course. They would rather see the collapse of civilization and use the money to scorch 
the earth than save humanity. They are the purest of evil with absolutely no regard for life
unless there is profit for them.
We are just assets on the balance sheet and we know what that means many have to die.
It’s not profitable to save humanity when you have already taken all they have.. 
so here we are watching a rerun of Sodom and Gomorrah all in living color.
A cleansing is on the horizon it will not be pleasant much longer if they have their way.
We must continue the exposure and not let up for a second spread the word end the sickness