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Have a question about FWS? Check our FAQ page.

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Why is SOKULE the next BIG step in the 

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For starters, SOKULE is Twitter MONETIZED.

That means instead of just posting to Twitter and gaining followers, you EARN CASH when your followers upgrade — and when you see ALL that SOKULE has to offer, upgrading is never a problem! SOKULE’s innovative Affiliate Program means 

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This is SoKule for business

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* Paid members are NOT limited to short 
* Your squeeks are posted on Sokule, Twitter, 

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tweets, your squeeks can be up to a whopping 
500 characters long, enough space to really 
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* You can include LIVE clickable LINKS on 
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* Share up to 5 of your photos in your profile!

* Schedule posts to go out at specific future 
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* PLUS, Sokule lets you instantly invite all your 
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SOKULE will be the most exciting technological 

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that is building web wide.

Wade Nored
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