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Mind blowing

‘Medical Pedophiles Protection Act’ ?? WTF

Oh how the Evil Sickness is spreading, and only We The People Hold The Vaccine.
We have the power to Expose them and their Lewd Practices and Boycott their
Services and Products. ‘Vote Them Out!’
It is becoming clear who they are and what their mindless corruption has caused.
Pass this on if you are sickened by the horrendous sadistic behaviour that is
being forced upon unaware uninformed masses as acceptable. 
While constant intimidation, persecution and incarcerating if not murder of the
honest innocent citizens reporting and exposing their Lewd behavior. 
The News Networks nurture this ‘Criminal Cabal’ daily. They stimulate the behavior
of their mass media with the best Globalists Elite Spin possible for political and 
social damage that yields maximum profit or whatever benefits them the most. 
California is the classic example of what a rabbit hole they are taking us through.
Beware the path leads to a community near you… if they haven’t already arrived.
(Their real question is: Do You Feel Safe at Home?) They want to know everything!
My dentist asked me last week… Do you feel safe at home? WTF… I was stunned..
I ask why? Why would you ask me that.. lol? Does that affect dental hygiene in some way? 
They said no and that I did not have to answer the question. 
(I could not resist only because I was curious of the dumb overreaching questions.) 
I then asked…
If for some reason I do not feel safe at home should I call the Dentist first? 
I was just wondering if maybe OHC & Health and Human Services had a SWAT Team 
and I was possibly unaware of who was protecting us now the way things are changing. 
I then said…
I always thought we were to use 911 when we feel threatened or have an emergency?
Just sayin… Yes I feel safe… I have no reason not to…
but I’m not sure about the people asking these kind of trigger questions.
What is the point? NWO? UN? Agenda 21? Or just more needless data mining?
I always thought you called the Law when you felt threatened or didn’t feel safe at home. 
Ask a dumb question get a dumb reaction and a lot of wasted time in the end.
Fact is Happiness… Is… A Warm Gun and thats what its all about.. Your Rights. 
Our Fight for Freedom makes us Happy and Safe we are the Vaccine for their sickness.
They can’t survive without our support for their purpose, their products and their services.
This is a World Wide War with the Elite Cabal and we are beginning to shake the ground 
they walk on. They don’t like being exposed for the decades of pathetic scandals that 
have almost cost us everything. 
The World is paying hard for the decades of Deception and Greed. The World Bank’s hold
all the money and because they have been stealing it from us for ever and it has finally ran
it’s course. They would rather see the collapse of civilization and use the money to scorch 
the earth than save humanity. They are the purest of evil with absolutely no regard for life
unless there is profit for them.
We are just assets on the balance sheet and we know what that means many have to die.
It’s not profitable to save humanity when you have already taken all they have.. 
so here we are watching a rerun of Sodom and Gomorrah all in living color.
A cleansing is on the horizon it will not be pleasant much longer if they have their way.
We must continue the exposure and not let up for a second spread the word end the sickness  

Military Pay

Any Fair thinking person should read this! 

Then consider what kind of people this Administration is putting in place !!!


God bless all of our Military they are doing a great job and dying to protect us. Thank you Mr. Bragg

Military Pay

If you get this more than once, feel honored that you know more than one person who supports our military and appreciates what they do.
If you don’t forward it, you don’t deserve their sacrifice.
CINDY WILLIAMS was appointed by Obama as an Assistant Director for NATIONAL SECURITY in the Congressional Budget Office…..
This is an Airman’s response to Cindy Williams’ editorial piece in the Washington Times about MILITARY PAY, it should be printed in all newspapers across America.
Ms. Cindy William wrote a piece for the Washington Times denouncing the pay raise(s) coming service members’ way this year citing that she stated a 13% wage increase was more than they deserve.
A young airman from Hill AFB responds to her article below. He ought to get a bonus for this.
“MS Williams:
I just had the pleasure of reading your column, “Our GI’s earn enough”, and I am a bit confused. Frankly, I’m wondering where this vaunted overpayment is going, because as far as I can tell, it disappears every month between DFAS (The Defense Finance and Accounting Service) and my bank account. Checking my latest earnings statement I see that I make $1,117.80 before taxes per month. After taxes, I take home $874.20. When I run that through the calculator, I come up with an annual salary of $13,413.60 before taxes, and $10,490.40 after.
I work in the Air Force Network Control Center where I am part of the team responsible for a 5,000 host computer network. I am involved with infrastructure segments, specifically with Cisco Systems equipment. A quick check under jobs for “Network Technicians” in the Washington , D.C. Area reveals a position in my career field, requiring three yearsˆ™ experience in my job. Amazingly, this job does NOT pay $13,413.60 a year. No, this job is being offered at $70,000 to $80,000 per annum…………. I’m sure you can draw the obvious conclusions.
Given the tenor of your column, I would assume that you NEVER had the pleasure of serving your country in her armed forces.
Before you take it upon yourself to once more castigate congressional and DOD leadership for attempting to get the families in the military’s lowest pay brackets off of WIC and food stamps, I suggest that you join a group of deploying soldiers headed for AFGHANISTAN; I leave the choice of service branch up to you. Whatever choice you make though, opt for the SIX month rotation: it will guarantee you the longest possible time away from your family and friends, thus giving you full “deployment experience.”
As your group prepares to board the plane, make sure to note the spouses and children who are saying good-bye to their loved ones. Also take care to note that several families are still unsure of how they’ll be able to make ends meet while the primary breadwinner is gone. Obviously they’ve been squandering the “vast” piles of cash the government has been giving them.
Try to deploy over a major holiday; Christmas and Thanksgiving are perennial favorites. And when you’re actually over there, sitting in a foxhole, shivering against the cold desert night, and the flight sergeant tells you that there aren’t enough people on shift to relieve you for chow, remember this: trade whatever MRE’s (meal-ready-to-eat) you manage to get for the tuna noodle casserole or cheese tortellini, and add Tabasco to everything. This gives some flavor.
Talk to your loved ones as often as you are permitted; it won’t be nearly long enough or often enough, but take what you can get and be thankful for it. You may have picked up on the fact that I disagree with most of the points you present in your open piece.
But, tomorrow from KABUL, I will defend to the death your right to say it.
You see, I am an American fighting man, a guarantor of your First Amendment right and every other right you cherish…On a daily basis, my brother and sister soldiers worldwide ensure that you and people like you can thumb your collective noses at us, all on a salary that is nothing short of pitiful and under conditions that would make most people cringe. We hemorrhage our best and brightest into the private sector because we can’t offer the stability and pay of civilian companies.
And you, Ms. Williams, have the gall to say that we make more than we deserve? What do you think someone should be paid to defend your life, and the life of your family?
A1C Michael Bragg, Hill AFB AFNCC



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Signs Of Change 2014

The Images Of A Disastrous Year


Signs Of Change
The Past Week Or So December 2014 (10)


Signs Of Change
The Past Week Or So November 2014 (9)


Signs Of Change

Aug/Sept 2014 -Flood Of Extremes (8)

by HawkkeyDavisChannel

Signs Of Change

2014 – Concerns Of Uncertainty (7)


Signs Of Change
The Past Month Or So 2014 – June (6)

by HawkkeyDavisChannel



WND   ‘End is near': Radio star issues EMP warning

The threat of an electromagnetic pulse event or attack on the United States that could kill tens of millions of people has prompted George Noory, host ofCoast to Coast AM,” the most-listened-to overnight radio program in North America, to launch a campaign to prepare a defense.
Read more at 2014/08/end-is-near-radio-star-launches-emp-warning


WND has reported extensively on the issue and is a partner in the campaign. is the original independent news source on the Internet and remains the largest. One of the top 500 websites in the U.S., it was founded as a committed watchdog on government waste, fraud, abuse and corruption. Farah is the only independent online news entrepreneur with a long track record in the press. He served for six years as the executive news editor of the Los Angeles Herald Examiner. He was editor-in-chief of the Glendale Newspapers before becoming the editor-in-chief of the Sacramento Union. He founded WorldNetDaily, later known as WND, in 1997.


Signs Of Change

The Past Week Or So 2014 (5) – May

Published on Jun 1, 2014

Large scale disasters continue to strike with regularity causing catastrophic damage to multiple areas leaving hundreds of thousands displaced. . Also included are some dramatically breathtaking weather events caught on video.
Rare, strange, unusually extreme and biblical weather conditions have taken place the past week or so..

Thank You: HawkkeyDavisChannel  Published on Jun 1, 2014


Signs Of Change

Geoengineering And The Collapse Of Earth 2014


Signs Of Change The Past Month Or So 2014 (4) April/May

Thanks to:HawkkeyDavisChannel


Signs Of Change

The Past Week Or So April 2013 Part 3

We are blessed here in the NW. My thoughts go out to all of the people that are Homeless from these disasters around the world from this Change. Our world is ever changing and it is becoming more evident all the time. That mankind has had a hand in the forming of this.

With Geo-Engineering, GMO Farming, HAARP & The UN. The deck appears to be stacked against us. One would think with all of their fooling around with nature something like this was bound to happen. I believe that there is something much bigger than even the UN can control at work on our planet. Something tells me it’s not over yet.


Thank You HawkkeyDavisChannel Published on Apr 23, 2013

Powerful earthquakes, sandstorms, major flooding and fireballs falling from the sky has taking place the past week or so..


The Best Of Ufos Weekly April 2013 Part 4


Thank You: HawkkeyDavisChannel  Published on Apr 27, 2013

This series moves on once again with some of the best uploads of the week. Thank you all for being apart of my series each week, and allowing me to post your footage or findings. I’m still waiting for one of you to respond so if you see your video here, check your inbox and reply to my message.

*Special thanks to AnonmousFO channel for not allowing this series to go unseen and posting it on his website. Also for all his great work on and off youtube…

Find the site here


Geoengineering Gone Wild Over Central Oregon *Profanity Warning*


I have lived in Central Oregon for over 30 yrs. Our skys do look different today. We have talked about it a lot in the area. Makes one wonder what they are really up to.

There are days it looks like they have farmed our skys. There are grid like patterns in our skys and we have a silvery cast to what use to be a dark blue sky here. My guess is you better stay out of the rain? For you don’t know what is in it.

I do not own any of these videos thanks to all the people who film these disasters and the news medias that report them.
FAIR USE NOTICE: This video may contain copyrighted material. Such material is made available for educational purposes only. This constitutes a ‘fair use’ of any such copyrighted material as provided for in Title 17 U.S.C. section 107 of the US Copyright Law.


Signs Of Change

Signs Of Change The Past Month Or So 2014 (3) – March/April



What Rosalind Peterson said to the UN in 2007



March 21/14

March 14 2014 Breaking News HAARP CHEM TRAILS weather manipulation worldwide

Is it a Big Mistake to fool with mother Nature? Are we seeing the results all around us. Why do some humans think they can play God. Are we paying for their playing. Its kinda like health care they just can’t stand to it if they cab’t fix it so make the people pay for their mistakes. Wake up people the filthy rich are playing god and we are going to pay with the life on this planet as we have known it. Rest assured they are protecting their lives with our money and now our lives are in their path of change. Frankly there are too many people for their plan to work. Is this their plot for population control?

Published on Feb 17, 2014

March 14 2014 Breaking News what is causing our extreme weather?? HAARP??? CHEM TRAILS??? weather manipulation worldwide. Today the day and age we live in no longer can we state look at what mother nature is doing because it is a known fact mankind has been for decades experimenting with manipulating the weather. Until recent investigation, I was skeptical about all the I thought Hype on HAARP and CHEM trails and now I am convinced with overwhelming evidence that in fact worldwide Governments are manipulating the weather for personal gain such as China seeking to make it rain when had major drought and the military’s are using it as an advantage in war scenarios. No longer can mankind state any extreme weather anywhere in the world is complete nature when in fact man made disasters whether intentional or accidental are happening across the globe for decades.


Signs Of Change

The rest of the story if you dare….

March 2014 Breaking News ChemTrails HAARP

Military alter weather mind control health risks

Thanks to: u2bheavenbound >>

Published on Feb 10, 2014

March 2014 Breaking News New Climate Geo-Engineering Chem Trails HAARP Mind control Military weather manipulation depopulation plan Bill Gates Financial elite Big Corporate wall street Government greed United Nations NWO Agenda 21 NASA Last days final hour news prophecy update


Signs Of Change

March 1 2014

Wow this winter has been terrible for so many people caught in these record breaking storms. My thought are with all of you. I live in Central Oregon and feel that we have been blessed to have not been hit here like so many in other parts of the country have. We are below normal here.

Signs Of Change The Past Week Or So 2014 (2) – February

Thumbnail by HawkkeyDavisChannel



Barrys S.O.U. talks about everything under the sun…………. But the SUN!

If they have all the information now>?

Why Don’t they want us to be informed!

Protect the Rights of the American people!


Don’t let them be dreamed away.


The Dreamers Dream at the people’s expense while the Sheople Wonder what Happened to our land and freedom.

There is quite a large gap  in the thoughts of Americas People today…..shameful that it is.

While the Realists  try desperately to get the Word of Reality out to ALL before its to late.

What is Up with the SUN ? on 1-29-2014 thanks to: theoldmarine1

This WAS a good video of a true American Please I am 60 these are only the thoughts of many of us today. Forgive us for wanting to retain the freedom we have become so fond of in the land of the free and the home of the brave. It was not this way until the history books were modified to suit their means. Time is changing the way they want us to think. Lying, Cheating and Deception has become acceptable by the lawmakers of our once great land. The ones in charge have shaped this environment to suit their purposes, what ever that may be…

The problem is for THEM, to many of US, still remember the days before Lying became so Democraticly acceptable…………wn 


It is a Shame We do not have the rights of free speech any longer… YouTube Banning these Videos is proof. Please support theoldmarine1 it is People like theoldmarine1 Vaughn that are still fighting to KEEP US FREE open your eyes America Deception is all around today and is excepted by entirely to many Followers of the Deceivers…..


Signs Of Change The Past Week Or So 2014 (1) – January

Published on Jan 28, 2014

2014 has stated with a bang, literally! With a surge of loud booms being heard and felt throughout much of north America. But then again, didn’t the last few years start like this? This video includes strange and extreme weather events for most of the month of January and it’s not looking good for a few heavily populated areas.


SOC – Epic Extreme Events Of Earth 2013 Review Mass Media Reports

Thanks to: HawkkeyDavisChannel


Signs Of Change The Past Week Or So December Part 2

Thanks to: HawkkeyDavisChannel


Signs Of Change The Past Week Or So December 2013 Pt 1

Thanks to: HawkkeyDavisChannel

*This series does not mean the world is ending! These are documentaries of series of extreme weather events that are leading to bigger earth changes. If you are following the series, then you are seeing the signs.


Signs Of Change The Past Week Or So Oct/Nov 2013

Thanks to:HawkkeyDavisChannel


Nov.9/13 The devastation is overwhelming…Photos: Typhoon Haiyan Slams Into Philippines

Is this man made by HAARP?? weather modification

November 8, 2013: Microwave Pulse gives birth to Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda)

Was this used on SANDY? Starting to make sense?


Fukushima And The End Of Humanity?

Published on Oct 19, 2013

-Fukushima And The End of Humanity- Thank You>>christiantruth

We are living a Nightmare, not only with our daily political lies to the American people about multiple issues that are aimed at crippling our freedom & independence. Now this critical time for America is being compounded by This Fukushima Disaster and what we have to lookout for in our future. We need to keep our senses and cover our ass’s or we will Pay, Pay, Pay……

“WARNING” This Video Is Controversial! >>>>  Its Going To End Badly be wise be prepared!

Fukushima The Coming Global Disaster

Thank You Qronos16 

Published on Aug 26, 2013

Japan’s Nuclear Regulation Authority said last week it feared the disaster was “in some respects” beyond Tepco’s ability to cope.

Our food chain is being compromised as we are worried about the Obama syndrome! What are they hiding about this Radioactive Catastrophe that is headed for America? We are in the crosshairs of this global event and we should be preparing to save our food chain and ourselves as best we can. Will ObamaCare stop the Radiation or the deaths from it? Will they help or Lie more?


[The events around the world have been unprecedented over the last few months. Some of the most dramatic and unbelievable footage I’ve ever seen has been taking place the past week or so. Please use these videos for awareness to these ongoing extremes that seem to be getting worse each week. Prepare for disasters in your area! You’re no different from others that are already dealing with them and most were not prepared! Thanks for watching here and stay safe!]

Signs Of Change The Past Week Or So October 2013 Part 1

Thanks to theHawkkeyDavisChannel

Published on Oct 22, 2013

Extreme weather events over the past few weeks of October 2013.
1080p Is Available
This series does not mean the world is ending! These are documentaries of series of extreme weather events that are leading to bigger earth changes. If you are following the series, than you are seeing the signs.

[Hang on to your hats friends it may be a bad winter. Things are looking pretty bad in many parts of the world around us. We need to be prepared for the changes that are coming in our future. If the weather don’t get ya the N.W.O. will. FEMA and the UN are going to have their hands full it will be insanity. We will be like the cattle in Dakota…………….Overwhelmed!]


Is Comet ISON a JOKE? 10-18-2013

Thanks to: theoldmarine1

[A whole lot of us feel as this fella does the change is all around us. Pay attention to mother nature she is calling loudly and the System is having problems with failure and coruption as you read this. I just thought this was a good listen. We all need to pay attention today.]

This Was Removed From YouTube evidently T.M.I. love free speech today tks NSA keep watching us. Very sad games we are playing today.



“WARNING” This Video Is Controversial! >>>>  Its Going To End Badly be wise be prepared!


Why Are They Hiding Planet X from the General Public with their Coverups.

This is quite a lot of information to take in 60min. Very interesting view on Who We Are.  Are we being delibritly lied to? Why are so many changes happening so rudely, with Nature & Government that seem to be out of our control.

STRONG EVIDENCES NIBIRU n COMET ISON The Electric Stars Full Documentary 2014

UFOTubeChannel – “Sign of the Times”


Fukushima nuclear leaks 18 times worse than we were told – Truthloader

[How will this play out for the west coast of the United States is yet to be known. The only thing we can depend on is the main stream medias lies. If we listen to them it could be way to late with all the cover ups today. It’s like a Demonic contest for liars.]

Thanks toTruthloader  Published on Sep 3, 2013

In March 2011 the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant was struck by a devastating earthquake and tsunami. Three reactors went into meltdown and a maximum, level 7 nuclear disaster was declared, putting it on a par with Chernobyl. Since then the Tokyo Electric Power Company (Tepco) has been managing the crisis but has been accused of making a series of mistakes and attempting to cover up just how bad the disaster really is.

Recent admissions about large and potentially disastrous leaks have shed light on how dire the situation really is at Fukushima. Truthloader decided to have a look at some of the alleged cock-ups and cover-ups Tepco have made along the way.


Published on Oct 12, 2013

Top Brass Let go! Coup’ is Fooling Who? 

Missing Nuke Investigation: Special Report

Thank You TheAlexJonesChannel

You Won’t hear this on Main Stream. Are we being set up?

When is a duck not a duck?  American’s Changing for Who? The Extremists

Top nuke commanders Navy Vice Adm. Tim Giardina and Maj. Gen. Michael Carey terminated following exclusive high level military intelligence over secret nuclear warheads transfer.

We are being mentally and Financially Harvested by the Elite Daily.

Can’t You Feel It?……………..Protect Your Family Yourself Today!

This Video Is Controversial!
Its Going To End Badly

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100,000 People want to fly to Mars and never come back – Full Documentary

Thanks BBC DOC Published on Oct 14, 2013

More than 100,000 people are eager to make themselves at home on another planet. They’ve applied for a one-way trip to Mars, hoping to be chosen to spend the rest of their lives on uncharted territory, according to an organization planning the manned missions.

Check out > spicious0bservers < on Youtube


Incredible Changes in the World Around Us


Would you like a little pain and punishment with your change?  Will ObamasCare Fix That PAin? Will the punishment be just for your crimes of being an American without Insurance?

 I am worried for the younger generation this is a hell of a load to put on them along with the financial burden they will have from the trillions of dollars that were squandered in the last 10 years on phony disillusioned dreams of grandeur. 

Our Main stream media is more worried about the Social Push Of ObamaCare than the state of the world today! We have Way bigger things coming for us than ObamaScare wake up sheeple. Stop drinking the kool-aid before its to late. He said he would create a tsunami well here it comes. ObamaCare will control every aspect of our lives before you know it. If allowed to continue the way they are choking us with their back door Harry deals. This is a Harry situation with the Gov. shutdown. It looks like they have laid back played the cards and forced their way to the point of destroying America and all of what it stands for. This is the beginning of total dis-respect for all independent free thinking Americans.  If you have no control of your children’s lives today just wait until. They get in full swing with ObamaCare.  When will we be tired of paying for this bad experience? WE all need medical insurance but not in this way. This will kill the America we love and will force us to submit to their form of socialism that is already killing jobs and putting millions more on Social Welfare all over the country in the end.

It has divided our people in so many ways and so many don’t see the aspect of what is coming for them until there is a knock on the door. My working world stopped over 6 years ago all due to control and regulations that cost more than the jobs are worth plain and simple. I do not like this sneaky underhanded society that they are creating for the people to pay for it all. And if it don’t work we will make you pay a fine. 

Excuse me for the rant today….I am 60 and my world has changed in a big way hows yours…..  wnored


This Video Is Controversial!
Its Going To End Badly


Signs Of Change The Past Week Or September 2013 Part 2

Published by HawkkeyDavisChannel on Oct 4, 2013

[The events around the world have been unprecedented over the last few weeks. Some of the most dramatic and unbelievable footage I’ve ever seen has taking place the past week or so. Please use these videos for awareness to these ongoing extremes that seem to be getting worse each week. Prepare for disasters in your area! You’re no different from others that are already dealing with them and most were not prepared!
Thanks for watching here and stay safe!]


Check out > spicious0bservers < on Youtube

UFOTV® Presents : Super Science of the MAYA – Beyond Space & Time 3.5hrs quite long but worth it….very good view.

This is a very interesting look at the times we are living in today. This speech was given at Whitehorse Yukon Territory in 2005.

Mayan researcher Ian Xel Lungold presents new discoveries about how the Maya centered their civilization around a “Super Science” that included a reality and concept of time they believed was the unfoldment principle for consciousness, galaxies, life, history and even creation itself. This program includes amazing new discoveries, expert analyses and fascinating facts about this secret, ancient and advanced culture. Exhilarating ideas and fascinating facts for both the scientific and spiritually minded. 

In Loving Memory of Ian Xel Lungold, 1949 – 2005, and his Contributions to Mayan Studies.

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When fracking meets flooding
is Colorado headed for disaster?

Published on Sep 20, 2013


The US state of Colorado is home to tens of thousands of gas wells, places where the controversial practice of fracking is carried out. But it is also a flood plain and has just experienced some of the worst flooding the area has ever seen. This flooding caused damage on an unprecedented scale, including damage to tanks used to store contaminated water and chemicals on the fracking sites. Environmental campaigners are up in arms while the state government’s Oil and Gas Conservation Commission has pointed out that fracking is over at most of the gas wells in the affected area. Could Colorado be headed for a fracking disaster?


This Video Is Controversial!
Its Going To End Badly

Signs Of Change The Past Week Or So Sept. 2013 Part 1



Massive Boulder, CO Flood: September 12 2013



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Check out > spicious0bservers < on Youtube

Geoengineering to save us from global warming? Truthloader Investigates

Published on Sep 13, 2013

One of Britain’s most senior scientists has unveiled a “plan B” for dealing with climate change — by using technology to cool the planet down, buying humanity time to change its wicked ways. Professor Martin Rees, Astronomer Royal and catastrophe expert, talks to us about why pumping more gas into the atmosphere, or millions of tonnes of iron into the oceans, might be the only way to save mankind.

How crazy is this? Welcome to Change I’m Sorros  to say…….


Signs Of Change The Past Week Or So August 2013 Part 3


Published on Sep 3, 2013

Nature has been relentless unleashing extremes to many parts of the world. Some places don’t even have time to breath before the next waves of disasters strike. The intensity of weather continues to strengthening globally.




This Video Is Controversial!
Its Going To End Badly

Signs Of Change The Past Week Or So August 2013 Part 2


Published on Aug 22, 2013

Many parts of the world have been devastated as of late with a series of disasters and for some areas, there’s no end in sight. This is only 70% of what was found on my FB page over the last 11 days. Please visit the link below to see what else has happen. Thanks for watching here and stay safe!

Check out > spicious0bservers < on Youtube


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Signs Of Change The Past Week Or So August 2013 Part 1


Published on Aug 11, 2013

The first 10 days of August has been both strange and extreme with some dramatic and intense moments. With so much going on I’ll be posting around every 10 days now. The work is getting hard to do each week without missing much. Also Check out the new channel Last Message (By 2011Message) for his series 2013 Is Strange.


[The events around the world have been unprecedented over the last few weeks. Some of the most dramatic and unbelievable footage I’ve ever seen has taking place the past week or so. Please use these videos for awareness to these ongoing extremes that seem to be getting worse each week. Prepare for disasters in your area! You’re no different from others that are already dealing with them and most were not prepared!
Thanks for watching here and stay safe!]


Lac Mégantic 06/07/13-Catastrophe

Catastrophe Lac Mégantic 06/07/13


You do not have to speak French to understand the Horror of this poor town.

<<<< Click on the Pic.



↓             ↓             ↓             ↓

Martha Dumas


A closer look at the Lac-Mégantic disaster zone

Published on Jul 16, 2013

Reporters visit the edge of the ‘red zone’ in Lac-Mégantic for our first look at the worst of the disaster.


 <<<< Click on the Pic.


Lac-Mégantic fly over

Published on Jul 12, 2013

An amateur’s aerial pass over the small town of Lac-Mégantic puts in visual context the wide swath of destruction caused by a runaway oil-filled train derailing and exploding in the town Saturday, July 6, 2013. (THE GAZETTE)


 <<<< Click on the Pic.


“W.T.F.” Is It?

 W.T.F Is It?

Is this real? Is this a real Who Done It?

Thanks to: chattv63
Uploaded on Feb 27, 2008

Originally aired in 2006 on CHAT-TV from Reporter Dale Hunter. This was the winner of the RTNDA National- TV – short feature award for that year
Also known as the Badlands Guardian on Google Earth

Is this Natural Or Man Made? Enormous W.T.F. on Google Earth – for real Here is how to find the giant profile head on Google Earth. Share this with anyone and everyone who also seeks weirdness. 50° 0’36.67″N 110° 6’51.38″W 

The face not only has Hair or a Headdress, but it also has Shoulders. Is It a full Bust of an Indian? Is this a natural formation? lol …. Are the Pyramids natural………………….?

The Badlands Guardian is a geomorphological feature (with a bit of restructure I’d say) located near Medicine Hat in the south east corner of Alberta, Canada. Viewed from the air, the feature bears a strong resemblance to a human head wearing a full native American headdress, facing directly westward. Because of additional man-made structure, it also appears to be wearing earphones. The apparent earphones are a road and an oil well, which were recently installed.


Another W.T.F.? / Published on Jun 20, 2012 June 20, 2012 Baltic sea Anomaly 2012 Movie Ocean X teame

Published on Jun 20, 2012 June 20, 2012 Baltic sea Anomaly 2012 Movie Ocean X teame Special thanks to Hauke & bro,

Published on Jun 20, 2012

June 20, 2012
Baltic sea Anomaly 2012 Movie
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Is This Real Or A good Game Plan?

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Published on Apr 11, 2013

Deep within the jungle and high atop the mountain peeks of Peru are the living remains of an ancient advanced people who still live among us today. Discover the Hidden Planet of the Inca.

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“Polish Salt Mine”

Wieliczka Salt Mine in Poland

Thought you might enjoy seeing this… to think it is all underground…

Polish Salt Mine

Deep underground in Poland lies something remarkable, but little
known outside Eastern Europe .For centuries, miners have extracted salt there, but left behind things quite
Startling and unique. Take a look at the most unusual Salt Mine in the world.
Salt MineFrom the outside, Wieliczka Salt Mine doesn’t look extraordinary.
It looks extremely well kept for a place that hasn’t minded any salt for
Over ten years but apart from that it looks ordinary. However, over two
Hundred meters below ground it holds an astonishing secret.This is the salt mine that became an art gallery, cathedral and underground lake.
Salt Mine
Salt Mine
Situated in the Krakow area, Wieliczka is a small town of close to
Twenty thousand inhabitants. It was founded in the twelfth century by a local
Duke to mine the rich deposits of salt that lie beneath.
Until 1996 it did just that, but the generations of miners did more than
Just extract. They left behind them a breathtaking record of their time
Underground in the shape of statues of mythic, historical and religious
Figures. They even created their own chapels in which to pray.
Perhaps their most astonishing legacy is the huge underground cathedral
They left behind for posterity.
Salt Mine
Salt MineIt may feel like you are in the middle of a Jules Verne adventure
As you descend in to the depths of the world. After a one hundred and fifty
Meter climb down wooden, stairs the visitor to the salt mine will see some
Amazing sites. About the most astounding in terms of its sheer size and
Audacity is the Chapel of Saint Kinga.
The Polish people have for many Centuries been devout Catholics
And this was more than just a long term hobby to relieve
The boredom of being underground. This was an act of worship.Salt Mine
Salt Mine
Amazingly, even the chandeliers in the cathedral are made of
Salt. It was not simply hewn from the ground and then thrown together;
However, the process is rather more painstaking for the lighting.
After extraction, the rock salt was first of all dissolved. It was then
Reconstituted with the impurities taken out so that it achieved a glass-like
Finish. The chandeliers are what many visitors think the rest of the
Cavernous mine will be like as they have a picture in their minds
Of salt as they would sprinkle on their meals! However, the rock salt
Occurs naturally in different shades of grey (something like you would expect
Granite to look like).Salt Mine




Salt Mine


Still, that doesn’t stop well over one million visitors (mainly from Poland
And its eastern European neighbors) from visiting the Salt Mine to see,
Amongst other things, how salt was mined in the past.Salt MineFor safety reasons less than one percent of the mine is open to
Visitors, but even that is still almost four kilometers in length – more
Than enough to weary the average tourist after an hour or two.
The mine was closed for two reasons – the low price of salt on the world
Market made it too expensive to extract here.
Also, the Salt Mine was slowly flooding – another reason why visitors
Are restricted to certain areas only.
Salt MineThe religious carvings are, in reality, what draw many to this
Mine – as much for their amazing verisimilitude as for their Christian
Aesthetics. The above shows Jesus appearing to the apostles after the
Crucifixion. He shows the doubter, Saint Thomas , the wounds on his
Wrists.Salt Mine
Another remarkable carving, this time a take on The Last Supper.
The work and patience that must have gone into the creation of these
Sculptures is extraordinary. One wonders what the miners would
Have thought of their work going on general display?
They came to be quite used to it, in fact, even during the mine’s
Busiest period in the nineteenth century. The Cream of Europe’s
Thinkers visited the site – you can still see many of their names in the
Old visitor’s books on display.salt mine 




Salt Mine


These reliefs are perhaps among some of the most iconographic
Works of Christian folk art in the world and really do deserve to be shown.It comes as little surprise to learn that the mine was placed on the
Original list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites back in 1978.
Salt MineSalt Mine
Salt Mine
Not all of the work is relief-based. There are many life sized statues
That must have taken a considerable amount of time – months, perhaps
Even years – to create. Within the confines of the Salt Mine there is also much
To be learned about the miners from the machinery and tools that they used –
Many of which are on display and are centuries old. A catastrophic flood in
1992 dealt the last blow to commercial salt mining in the area and now the
mine functions purely as a tourist attraction. Brine is, however, still
extracted from the mine – and then evaporated to produce some salt,
but hardly on the ancient scale. If this was not done, then the Salt Mines would
soon become flooded once again.Salt MineSalt Mine
Not all of the statues have a religious or symbolic imagery attached to them.
The miners had a sense of humor, after all! Here can be seen
their own take on the legend of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.
The intricately carved dwarves must have seemed to some of the
miners a kind of ironic depiction of their own work.Salt Mine
The miners even threw in a dragon for good measure!Certainly, they may have whistled while they did it but the conditions in the
Salt Mine were far from comfortable and the hours were long – the fact
that it was subterranean could hardly have added to the excitement of
going to work each morning.Salt Mine Salt Mine
To cap it all there is even an underground lake, lit by subdued electricity and
candles. This is perhaps where the old legends of lakes to the underworld
and Catholic imagery of the saints work together to best leave a lasting
impression of the mine. How different a few minutes reflection here
must have been to the noise and sweat of everyday working life
in the Salt Mine.

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