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Wade Nored


Rebrand Both of These PDFs for FREE!
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Two Powerful Tools To Build Your Business and

Turn You into an Elite Marketing Commando!


We all know how powerful and effective viral PDFs can be used to bring in additional revenue streams.

We also know how much of pain it can be to keep track of all the PDFs that are out there and what programs they promote.

What about those PDFs you’ve got cluttering up your hard drive? How many of the sites and links are still active? How many of those PDFs allow YOU to choose the sites you want to include?

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There is only ONE Viral PDF online that gives you the freedom of choice as well as being a renewable marketing resource!

Viral Commando Profits provides the solution to these question with a 1-2 Knock-Out Punch!

Check out how!  

  • Viral Commando Profits PDF acts as a lead prospect generator that details the cornerstone sites to building a long-term, monthly recurring income. Empower Network provides this system with a spring board from earning a few dollars a month all the way to true financial freedom.
  • The Happy Hunting Guide PDF is fully custumizable! Choose your favorite traffic resources from the directory, and then generate your own version of The Happy Hunting Guide to build your downlines in the sites YOU choose!
  • Access to our 90 Day Boot Camp Email series that gives you all the required survival skills to make it in this online jungle!
  • Learn how to integrate all the various forms of lucrative traffic to take your business to level of success you truly deserve!

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Get Ready For A Revolution!


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Photo on 2013-11-16 at 11.51

Two Powerful Tools To Build Your Business and

Turn You into an Elite Marketing Commando!

Wade Nored

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Get Daily Referrals and Commissions While You Sleep

Get $200 in Bonus Advertising…

Viral Ads + Viral Traffic = Viral Commissions
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Income2b – Everything From Signs of Change To Diet & Weight Loss But Mostly Traffic for your Websites

Free E-Book that can Boost your traffic & Sales.  

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Hype-free, pitch-free, and the advice IS free!

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That’s thousands of new surfers who have never

ever seen your sites before!


This is the perfect chance to literally explode your
lists and your downlines almost instantly!

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Brand Your Funnel with Your Links

“Think And Grow Rich”

This is an excellent place to start 

  • Generate the relationships that build your business
  • It is a Great Foundation to Residual Income
  • No longer do you have to promote what the owner wants as a paying program
  • Get the benefits of a downline builder that promotes YOUR programs
  • You can have your own Branded Funnel Page with your Best Links
  • Weekly webinars with great hosts & owners online
  • Great Prizes, Fun Friendly environment and Very Helpful

Check us out and get YOUR business up front ~ Not the program owners.

It’s Free To Join us and you just might “Think And Grow Rich”

Join Us at the AF Spreecast At 12 Noon EST Every Saturday!

AF Spreecast archives

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If you haven’t discovered our seminars yet, you really are missing the BIG value.

Hype-free, pitch-free, and the advice IS free!

We even give out free prizes in the After Party, hosted by my “lovely” assistant Mr Brian Rickert. Grab your share today!

To your success
Wade Nored


You can have a Funnel just like this!    Traffic & Income Without Investment

Search Engine


Prepare For Signs of Change

 From Signs of Change To Diet & Weight Loss But Mostly Traffic for your Website

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